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Company Profile

Karma Computing is your trusted IT Services patner based in the UK, in the North of England. Our staff are Northumbria University alumni, and we benefit from good commercial relationships across the region. We specialise in modernizing old business processes through technology, and are specialists in computer secuirty and systems development.

We started as a sole trader, but quickly gew. We now support larger enterpsies who need support modernising their business processes with IT. We do this by combining our expertise in computer networks, security, and web development. Often these solutions are found from many different suppliers which can lead to a fragmented solution. By engaging with Karma Computing your organisation will benefit from a coherent approach to your systems.  

Modernising Corporate Process

Large organisations struggle to move quickly against smaller competitors. We understand how to apply these technologies to your larger enterprise.  

UK Based

We're an established company in the North of England which has access to the top research Universities in the world.

Security & Networking

Increasingly computer securty is rightly a top pririty. We can help your organisation put in place backup strategies to reduce your risk profile. 

Our Key Skills

We take time to understand your requirements, and then research & deliver the best solution(s) for your organisation. 

IT Consultancy

Understanding your IT infrastructure needs

Telecoms & Service

Hosted Services

Software Development

We work with you to understand where time is wasted within your organisation and develop tools to automate repetative
               tasks. By automating we help you achieve scale. 

We Modernise Your Organisation

We help your change management by helping you identify the technologies your innovative smaller competitors are                        using. 


Modern software techniques allow even more of your costly tasks to be automated. By automating we help you                                 drastically reduce expenditure allowing you to grow.

Wireless & Broadband

We are a broadband and wireless internet provider with growing interest in our wireless solutions. 

ERP Hosting & Management

We provide web and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution hosting and offer modern alternatives to                                     expensive solutions like SAP and Dynamics.

Secure Email Hosting

Reduce spam and improve email delivery with our dedicated email soluton without expensive licensing costs.  

Strong Partnership With Dr. Nophadol In-na

Dr. Nophadol In-na, Director of UK Victory Ltd has invested in Karma Computing Ltd as a business partner advising and building Karma Computings' strength internationally.  

Previous Projects

Retail - Logistics - Ecommerce 


We helped UK Clothing Laboratory Ltd processing unit optimise their packing & labling business. 
We prototyped an EPOS till & stock management for in store.
  1. Stock management EPOS
  2. Reduced email spam
  3. Increased automation 

Logistics & Cyber Security

Significantly increased sales for UK timber merchant Quay Timber Ltd. 
Cyber Security: We installed a backup recovery system for risk management
  1. Increased online sales
  2. Creatd mobile friendly website
  3. Upgraded their server infrastructure  

Ecommerce & Digital

Growth and automation of lead UK University Accommodation market.
Helped company reach international markets with  online marketing and significant ROI.
  1. Designed and ran effective Adword campain
  2. Outperformed competition 
  3. Built lead tracking system  

Contact Details:

We look forward to working alongside you

Karma Computing Ltd
20 Brady & Martin Court
Northumberland Road
020 3095 1759