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Meaningful projects we've had an impact on. 

Programming & Automation. We track industry trends and remember the historical context to smell a buzzword. We're geeks you can talk to, and we bring our multidisciplinary experience to every project. Don't worry about programing language, platform or tool. Begin with the outcome your looking for and we will iterate with you to reach it.

I.T. & Security Consultancy. When clients come to us they either have an existing system they wish to replace, or an idea to solve a need which isn't fully formed yet; they need guidance on technology. The businesses we enjoy that we can help them understand what's possible, what's possible right now, and build experiments to a workable solution.

Yorkshire Badges

Reaching a new market

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A craft kept in the family for over 40 years. House Of Logos had been selling to trade for decades. 

We helped Yorkshire Badges by 

  • Creating a simple order management system which worked for them
    • We also supported them trialling a more featureful enterprise management system, but for them, our simple order management system was the best fit. 
  • Marketing 
    • We sourced and helped plan the Christmas markets best suited to their brand
    • Managed their Facebook page for a Christmas campaign 
  • implemented a referral tracking system to help manage their charitable aims of giving 15% of their profits to good causes across Yorkshire

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Heavy Industry ERP & CRM Management

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  • Server Mangement: Do you have legacy systems that still need supporting? 
  • Security: You have many devices across your organisation, some of which you're unable to patch to avoid warranty disputes. How do you secure these environments? 
  • Change Management: IT systems are being commoditised, including within the heavy industries. How can you take advantage of these? 

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Clinique De Beaute

IT Support & Building Websites

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Small businesses are experts in their field, not in IT. How do you empower them in spite of this?

The challenge: Busy salon owners don't have the time to sit down at a computer to update their pricelists and treatment pages. But they do have a mobile phone. Can you build a system for non-tech savvy users to empower them to update the site securely on their phone? 

  • How do you build a website that the business owners with limited technology skills can still manage their website hassle free? 

We supported Clinique De Beaute with a website which they could genuinely manage themselves. This meant:

  • Building a mobile-friendly administration portal which allows them to edit their website (treatments, price list, gallery) all from their iPhone, without having to log onto their computer or worry about breaking their website. 
There are lots of tools available to build your own website (Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace) but what Clinique De Beaute needed was a structured approach    

Training & Support

Building a website is only part of the challenge. We've found that clients get the most out of a system when the time is invested in training and supporting the staff who use the system. Start with the users of the system, they know your companies processes more than you in some cases. With Clinique De Beaute we created training videos and one-to-one support to make sure the staff were felt confident in using the system we had built for them.  

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Internal Work

Automating our processes

Karma Broadband

Our newest & most exciting endeavour to date!

We've recently thrown ourselves into the broadband market, which is an exciting new challenge for us. Nobody likes having to send an 'Enquiry form' in order to find out about availability and pricing, so we challenged ourselves to build an online broadband checker. Simple to use and visually pleasing, this gives the prospective customer the possibility to find what speeds we could provide, alongside our honest and upfront pricing structure.
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Customer Management Systems 

Keeping everything up-to-date and accessible

Internally, Karma Computing uses Odoo 8 to manage and record our invoices, quotations and customer records. This system is hosted on our server meaning we maintain full control and flexibility about how we use it. We've internally experimented with systems such as ERPNext, which is influenced by OpenERP (the predecessor of Odoo).  Using ERPNext APIs, we're able to create, read and edit records using external services (such as our Broadband checker above), this allows us to have a central point of contact for all our business data.

We've experimented using ERPNext for small businesses, such as a Loose Leaf Tea distributor. ERPNext allows businesses to manage stock, production, customer information, sales & quotations making it a great fit for any businesses, especially those that use the 'Made to Order' production method.


Simplifying customer onboarding

CareRefunds required a site that allowed for customers to enter their claim information quickly and easily, they also required an administration console that allowed them to view and process all submitted forms. Collaberating closely with the client, we focused on the user's experierence - as the site relies on the user typing in multiple forms of personal data, a feeling of security & trustworthyness was required. The foundation for the site was built on Drupal 8, we used tools including Adobe Illustrator and XD to create a detailed page design & interactive wireframes to best demonstrate how the site was to look and flow before any code was typed.

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Definition IP

Migrating to Office 365

Defintion IP required an enterprise email service that also allowed for calendar collaboration and sharing. We migrated their existing email services from their previous provider to Office 365 without loss of service and without loosing a single email.

"Karma computing have been very helpful setting up our IT systems and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to other growing businesses. They have always been prompt, efficient and very cost effective. They clearly know their stuff - we've yet to throw a problem at them that they can't sort out."

Dan Mercer, Definition IP