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There's a lot to learn regarding Kubernetes sure. We can help you understand what you need to know to work with Kubernetes well.

Learn the why not just get it working . Our training is practical, it's important you develop experience, see errors- and we help you troubleshoot them. A big part of Kubernetes is learning how the different components interact with each other. Our training for Kubernetes focuses on deploying real applications, not just concepts. Both are important, but you'll also come away more confident in how to write our own Kubernetes applications or suport and existing one. 

Deepen your understanding on linux and containers. It's not required to become an expert in Linux to use Kubernetes, but you do need an understanding of containers and some linux familiarity to be more productive- our training works out where you're at, and supports you to strengthen your skills.

Mee the trainer - Chris Simpson

Over 10 years systems experience & Certified Kubernetes Administrator 

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