ADSL Broadband

Available with or without phone package 

Do I need a phone line?

You don't need a phone package, and we install a line for you for free if you don't have one. All broadband (including Wifi) needs a wire to the house, unless you get 

3G broadband which isn't suitable for heavy use or streaming. 

How quickly can I get ADSL broadband?

Usually within 14 days. If you need a connection quicker, we can send out a tempory Dongle for a small charge until your main connection goes live. 

Getting ADSL broadband is usually quicker than installing fibre because most people already have 

Is it a reliable connection? 

The broadband connections we provide to your home or building come with a business grade service level agreement which means a quicker response time to fault investigation. We also partner with local telephone engineers to help you resolve any issues with your line. 
Sometimes, your wire might be old or have a breakage wich needs fixing. We have a network of friendly engineers to help you resolve this, and will keep you informed throughout the process.

How fast is your ADSL broadband

We provide a broadband availability checker service which gives you the most acurate estimate speed we can unlike some other providers who don't tell you this
We believe it's important you get a reasonable broadband speed estimate before you start your order. So that's what we give you! Understand that ADSL broadband speed is dependant on your distance from the telephone exchange. To get the best speed you can we give you clear instructions such as making sure you use your master socket when setting up your connection.

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