Event: How to avoid losing all your money on Adwords

12/12/2016 16:00 to 12/12/2016 18:30

Northern Design Centre

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Learn How We Helped Generate £131,000 With £17,000 In 6 months

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SMEs can do it to!

Yes! You don't need a massive budget, this event will explain in simple terms how to measure your return on investment with Adwords and how to make Analytics actually work for your business and track your goals.

An honest & practical discussion on how to make your Adword & Analytics spend accountable.

If you've ever spent money on Adwords and wondered "Where did my money go?" or you're thinking about advertising online, then this talk is for you.

We started doing Analytics & Adwords 8 years ago, we've seen what SMEs miss out on when jumping into online advertising. Learn the steps you must take to get the most out of your marketing budget, and finally be able to have accountability over what you spend online and its return. 

This is a practical point-by-point overview on how to measure your return on investment. No magic tricks, or "secret sauce", we'll just explain in simple terms the prcticale work that needs to be done in order to understand how to make online Analytics and Adwords work for your business.

Topics Discussed

  • How can you use Analytics to measure your return on investment?  Finally understand what to look for on Analytics, and how it can & should be configured to measure your individual business objectives.
  • Get to grips with "Conversions" to capture sales or leads to over time improve your return on investment. What needs to be done for this to work, and why it works. 
  • Have you ever wondered if it's a waste of time writing all those blog posts? Learn how to measure which content on your site is driving business, with Analytics and Goals. 
  • How do I choose keywords? Why isn't my advert showing? Is this even the right thing to do? & "Help! There's so many buttons". We'll explain how to approach a campaign properly, and why this makes your campaigns more effective. 

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Northern Design Centre
Northern Design Centre
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From 12/12/2016 16:00
To 12/12/2016 18:30


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