Suggestions To Make Broadband Providers Suck Less

Things that annoy me about large ISPs


Offers that only exist to new customers

I mean, come on!

This always mananges to frustrate, and with good reason. Some customers have been with their broadband providor for over 10, 20 years. As with many of the frustrations written here this always leads to anger on social media sites when their broadband provider is spotted proudly announcing it's new shiny offer (to new customers only!). It wasn't too long ago that customer loyalty used to be rewarded in similar industries.

In light of this, here's a few radical ideas for how these large ISPs might improve their about

Idea 1: Refund While You Wait!

Can you imagine the frenzy to support your call? A reduction to your bill for every minuite you're spent waiting to get through. 

While we're at it – why don't most broadband providers offer a ring back service rather than leave us waiting?

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Idea 2: If support lines are busy, move all sales staff onto support

Why is it that I can get though to sales at the click of a finger, but support, oh no that's gonna take a while. We all know why, but it's rude and disrespectful to customers. 

Clearly if your broadband support lines are busier than sales there's a problem with compentancy, customer expectations or both.

Start with the customer – after all they're already paying for the service. If existing customers have problems with their broadband then it deserves a promt response.

Imagine- You're waiting for support, the company switches off sales and turns them to support your call as soon as possible. This can't work you say? Sales people can't fix issues with broadband?

Idea 3: Value & Train Your Staff

There's a human on the end of that line and they want to be able to help fix your issue. Most people naturally just want to help given the opportunity. 

Give staff the freedom to help, not a transcript to follow. Don't "empower" people, they already are empowerd just give broadband support staff the opportunities to train and freedom to operate.

It's refreshing to hear a confident experienced voice on the phone that has time to help you and wants to help*.

*This relates to Idea 2, if support staff are being pushed to finish their calls as quick as possible, maybe there's not enough support staff- or maybe, just maybe, there's one too many customers been swallowed to quickly to support them adequetly...

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